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Strategic Plan

Six Strategic Priorities for 2015 – 2020

Between 2015 and 2020, Kerang Christian College will undertake the following six strategic initiatives to assist in launching the College into Senior Secondary School. The implementation of these initiatives is phased over the five-year period of the plan. Implementation will occur through an annual planning and budget cycle. The strategic actions and business plans will be reviewed annually.

Strategic Plan

1. Academic Excellence

“Develop a culture of passionate pursuit of academic excellence.”

2. Technology as an Enhancer of Teaching and Learning

“Create a culture where technology is seen as an enhancer of teaching and learning.”

3. Further Developing the School Culture

“Further develop a caring, Christian environment that meets the needs of individual students.”

4. Designing a Connected Learning Environment

“Design a learning environment that meets the needs of 21st century learners with consideration for local, state, national and global connectivity.”

5. Effective Business Practices

“Implement effective business practices in relation to Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, Development and Planning, Facilities Planning and Management.”

6. Good Governance

“The College Board will continue to oversee all aspects of Kerang Christian College, appoint the Principal, and ensure a strategic approach to the School’s future by setting major objectives, policy frameworks and strategy.”

Strategic Plan 2015-2020



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