At Kerang Christian College, we use SEQTA, a program designed to keep parents, students and staff connected.

What is SEQTA?

SEQTA is a three-in-one software program that ensures better engagement between teachers, students and parents. Our staff use SEQTA Teach while our students have access to SEQTA Learn.

Upon your student enrolling at Kerang Christian College, you will receive an email on how to set up the parent/guardian version of the program – SEQTA Engage.

Why do I need SEQTA Engage?

SEQTA Engage is easily downloaded as an app to your smart phone. This provides you with a fast and effective way to keep up-to-date and informed on your child’s studies and progress.

It also allows you a direct way to message your child’s teachers regarding any concerns or questions you may have about their studies.

What does it do?

SEQTA Engage allows parents to do the following:

For further information about the SEQTA program, please contact our office on 5450 3894.