Democratic Principles

Statement affirming the school's adherence to democratic principles as nominated in the Victorian minimum standards and requirements for registration

In the spirit of Romans 13, this school community acknowledges with thankfulness to God, that the school is able to prosper under the principles and practices of a democratic nation and the policy frameworks of both its Federal and State Governments.

We acknowledge with gratitude, yet without taking it for granted, that we together with all Australian citizens, have the freedom to pursue our religious beliefs and to live out a religious worldview that is founded upon those beliefs.

We honour and commit to the fundamental freedoms of speech and association for all Australians so long as those freedoms are not used to subvert the rule of law.

Our school acknowledges that all persons are entitled to be treated equally before the law and; as far as it lies within our capacity to do so, we will endeavour to treat the members of our community with equity and fairness.

While not in any way compromising the integrity of our own beliefs and values, we are committed to living in peace with our fellow Australians irrespective of differences in faith, race or culture. We are committed to the social value of respect for persons which derives from our reverence for Christ whose sacrifice was not limited but, instead, available for all those who would come to him in trust and faith.

In unashamedly declaring that our school is committed to an education that references its programs and policies to a Christian worldview, the school is open to families of any faith who seek an education based on Christian principles and standards.

Finally, the school is open to the normal processes of accountability required by Governments and commits to ethical and transparent practices in respect of each of those requirements.