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“Develop a culture of a passionate pursuit of academic excellence.”

The first Strategic Goal of Kerang Christian College focuses on Academic Excellence. We are committed to developing a culture where the school community is passionate about the pursuit of academic excellence.

Our staff are working hard to develop a curriculum that meets the Australian Curriculum standards and challenges each individual student at our College. In this section of the website are additional details about our Primary School (Prep – Year 6), Middle School (Years 7 – 9) and Senior School (Years 10 – 12) curriculum.

Some of our teaching staff professional learning and development will focus on the work of John Hattie, who has written about “Visible Learning”. His book, Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing impact on learning, encourages teachers to strive towards becoming powerful, passionate, accomplished teachers.

Hattie (2012, p. 19-20) highlights that powerful, passionate, accomplished teachers are those who:

  • focus on students’ cognitive engagement with the content of what it is that is being taught
  • focus on developing a way of thinking and reasoning that emphasises problem-solving and teaching strategies relating to the content that they wish students to learn
  • focus on imparting new knowledge and understanding, and then monitor how students gain fluency and appreciation in this new knowledge
  • focus on providing feedback in an appropriate and timely manner to help students to attain the worthwhile goals of the lesson
  • seek feedback about their effect on the progress and proficiency of all their students
  • have deep understanding about how we learn
  • focus on seeking learning through the eyes of students, appreciating their fits and starts in learning, and their often non-linear progressions to the goals, supporting their deliberate practice, providing feedback about their errors and misdirections, and caring that the students get to the goals and that the students share the teacher’s passion for the material being learnt.

Our Strategic Plan (2015 – 2020) provides a framework for creating a culture where staff aim to be powerful, passionate, accomplished teachers who aim to best meet the needs of each individual student in our classrooms at the College.

Hattie, J. A. C. (2012). Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing impact on learning. London, New York: Routledge. 

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