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Welcome to 2016

It is a historic day at Kerang Christian College as Prep to Year 12 classes commence for the first time in the College’s history. The day also marks the first day of the 2016 academic school year, a special moment for many students and families alike.

Our Prep students are excited about commencing school for the first time and have settled beautifully into new routines. The Prep and Year 1 classroom was updated with new furniture at the end of last year. The students have enjoyed seeing all the brightly coloured tables and furniture items in their classroom, including a white board table.

The Year 7 students have commenced their important transition from Primary School to Secondary School. This year we have welcomed a number of new students into our Year 7 Home Group class. We also warmly welcome back the students who have transitioned from Year 6 into Year 7 at Kerang Christian College.

The Year 9 Learning Centre facilitates many Year 9 classes with the students enjoying classes in their flexible learning environment. At Kerang Christian College, Year 9 is considered the last year of Middle School and an important year in preparing students for Senior School. We are excited about seeing our Year 9 students engaged in a wide range of learning opportunities throughout the year.

Our Senior School students commenced their VCE classes at the end of 2015 during the VCE Orientation Week. Their classes have resumed on site today. We pray that our Year 12 students will enjoy this year full of special memories, learning and preparation for future pathways.

A number of Senior School classes will be conducted in the new Secondary School Classroom Wing, which was constructed during 2015. This modern learning environment includes a general purpose classroom, breakout classroom, video conference facility and office for teaching staff. This area of the College has been beautifully landscaped, creating an inspiring outdoor environment for the Senior School students.

To all new students and their families, we wish you a very warm welcome. To our students who were with us in 2015, welcome back!


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