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Using Your School Diary Effectively

The student diary at Kerang Christian College is an important organisation tool for Primary and Secondary School students. Students in the Primary and Middle years are encouraged to develop good organisation habits in preparation for their Senior years, which require more advanced independent learning skills to maximise learning and achievement. Students are encouraged to use the school diary to document homework, revision, reminders and important dates.

Managing assigned homework across a range of subjects is much easier to manage with the use of a diary as opposed to trying to remember each assigned task relying on memory. Students are encouraged to document their homework regularly for each subject area. Bringing your diary to each class provides you with an opportunity to record your homework as it is assigned. Each night, it is advisable to keep track of which assigned tasks you have completed and reassign incomplete tasks to another day during the week.

The diary is also a useful organisational tool to document your revision strategies. In many subject areas there will be upcoming tests and examinations. You may plan to reread aspects of a textbook or review certain types of revision questions or problems. You can provide yourself an opportunity to consolidate learning leading up to an assessment by establishing a regular, documented study schedule in your diary. There is an opportunity to experience a sense of accomplishment as you tick off aspects of your revision schedule. The student diary is an ideal place to document your revision plan.

Students need to remember a wide range of tasks during any given week. Many tasks can be documented in the school diary. Examples include bringing your sport uniform for Physical Education lessons, dates for assigned tests or examinations, upcoming excursions or school events and much more. Sometimes it helps to document different events in different colours. For example, PE lessons in red, test dates in green, assignments due in black.

The student diary is one of most important organising tools for any student. Students are encouraged to check their diary regularly, to take time to plan for the week ahead, prepare and update their 'to do' lists, keep track of what they have completed and what needs to be rescheduled and look ahead so they can use their time wisely.


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