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Student Leadership

At Kerang Christian College we have identified leadership as an important skill to develop in all of our students. Our students can serve as leaders in a variety of ways in our school community. Students can lead in sport, academics, chapel and community service. All students can be role models for others in our school community. We are encouraged in the Bible, “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up,” Galatians 6:9.

During the past four years, the student leadership program at Kerang Christian College has expanded and matured each year. 2016 is no exception, with the addition of House Captains and a School Captain. 

Student Representative Council 

This year the Student Representative Council (SRC) will include Home Group Captains for Years 7 – 9, the Middle School Captain, House Captains and the Year 12 School Captain. The SRC provides a student voice for students at Kerang Christian College where members can share feedback and recommendations on matters that affect students at our school. 

House Captains

Students at Kerang Christian College will be allocated to a House for academic, sporting, cultural and service events. This allows recognition of effort and achievement in academic pursuits, College and community service, the demonstration of College values, and participation in the life of the College on top of sporting pursuits. The three houses are Adams House, Baker House and Provis House. Each House has a Captain and Vice Captain. 

Middle Years Captains

This year one Year 9 students was elected by staff and students as “Middle Years Captains”. They represent students studying in Years 7 – 9 at Kerang Christian College.

National Young Leaders Day

Each year our Year 6 students attend The National Young Leaders’ Day in Melbourne. This event inspires and encourages our students to think about leadership in their own lives. They are motivated by the lives of the speakers. The speakers often come from a variety of different backgrounds and many overcome obstacles during their childhood before developing into leaders. We anticipate this type of program will inspire the Year 6 students at Kerang Christian College and creates a greater awareness of the characteristics of leadership and the ways they can lead in the future.

Primary School Captains

At the end of each year, the College acknowledges two Primary School students as Primary School Captains at Presentation Evening. This award is presented annually to a male and female Primary School student who has embraced the opportunity to lead while studying in Year 6 at Kerang Christian College. This special award recognises outstanding Christian Character and service. It is anticipated that this award will encourage all Year 6 students to aspire towards being outstanding leaders in our Primary School throughout the school year.

Secondary School Leadership Development Class

In 2014, the College further developed the existing leadership program to meet the needs of our students as the College expanded. Students in Years 9 – 10 had the opportunity to participate in the Leadership Development elective class for a semester. This was a 50 minute per week subject that provided students with additional background knowledge about the building blocks of leadership, characteristics of leadership, being a role model and defining leadership opportunities at Kerang Christian College.

At Kerang Christian College we wish to provide many opportunities for students to serve in leadership positions. Leadership is primarily about service and sacrifice. Our students learn that Jesus showed us the greatest example of sacrificial service. Our leaders are also encouraged to aim for excellence. Our school Vision challenges students to aim for academic excellence and spiritual growth towards authentic Christian living. Our leaders are urged to be motived by this vision statement.



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