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New House System

In 2016, Kerang Christian College will be implementing a House system for the first time in our school history. Students at Kerang Christian College will be allocated to a House for academic, sporting, cultural and service events. This allows recognition of effort and achievement in academic pursuits, College and community service, the demonstration of College values, and participation in the life of the College on top of sporting pursuits. A House Systems will assist the College in continuing to foster a family-like atmosphere within the school community. Furthermore, a House System will provide an opportunity for students to form a greater connection with their school community.

There will be a number of benefits for students being members of a school House. The Houses will provide students not only an increased sense of identity and belonging, they will also provide students with a sense of tradition over time. It will be another opportunity for whole school interaction amongst students and families.

The House system will also provide additional leadership opportunities for our students in the Primary and Secondary School.

Our School Board have approved the names of our Houses in preparation for 2016.

Baker House

This House is named after Mrs Val Baker, who volunteered as a librarian, teachers aid and yard duty helper for 31 years at the College.

Mrs Baker was a quiet, servant leader who passionately served the Lord through her work at Kerang Christian Community School and Kerang Christian College.

Mrs Baker was a much-loved librarian throughout much of our school history, ensuring our students were able to find and borrow books and maintained our library collection. Children and parents had the utmost confidence in her wise and loving care. Kerang Christian College has been blessed to benefit from her years of volunteering and dedication in creating a happy place for the students in the library.

Mrs Baker shared that she became a librarian to fill in a need. She highlighted that it was something she could do to serve the Lord.

A verse close to Mrs Baker’s heart is from Psalm 121:2 (NIV): “My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

Adams House

Adams House is named after Mr Trevor Adams who has served on the College Board since its commencement in 1983. Prior to 1983, Mr Adams volunteered on the Steering Committee, which researched the different types of Christian Schools. His three children all commenced at Kerang Christian Community School in its first year of operation.

Mr Adams’ servant leadership at the College has been greatly valued. His attention to detail, passion for Christian education and commitment to excellence have been of great benefit to the College over many years.

In the early years, Mr Adams was on the Board, which planned and instigated the commencement of the College. In later years, he has served as the treasurer, taking responsibility to assure the College was always financially viable and running within budget. He also took on an active role assisting the College’s relocation from the Kerang Baptist Church property to the present location. This involved many hours working on plans and grant applications.

Mr Adams is passionate about Christian Schooling. He has a real heart for seeing children educated from a Christian perspective. For many years, he attended the College’s early morning prayer meetings. Mr Adams has shared that nothing at the College has been achieved without the prayer backing of the College community.

Mr Adams wishes to share the following verse with our students: “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.” Psalm 107:1

Provis House

This house is named after our College’s longest serving school principal, Mr Ken Provis. Mr Provis worked at Kerang Christian Community School for sixteen years.

He recalls three important phases during his time at the College. The first was developing an authentic education option in our community. This is still something that he is passionate about.

The second phase was the development of the new building at 98 Wyndham Street, which is our Primary School building today. Mr Provis highlighted that the school had the unique opportunity to ask the questions, “What kind of school do we want to be?” and then, “What do we need building wise to achieve that?” He had a real desire to build something that developed a real sense of community. Our school is blessed to have that same atmosphere today.

Mr Provis recalls the third phase of his time at College as being around the time when he lost his wife in the second half of his time at the College. He reflected that the support from the school community was invaluable.

Mr Provis felt that God had used him to develop a school with a connection between the school, Church and Family.

Mr Provis selected a verse from Proverbs to encourage our students. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding: In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6.

I invite you to join me in looking forward to the 2016 school year with confidence and enthusiasm, a year of great excitement as we commence our future of being a Prep – Year 12 school.

Michael Bond

Extract from Principal’s Address at Presentation Evening on 9th December 2015


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