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I Played My Best For Him

One of my favourite Christmas carols is “The Little Drummer Boy”. I am really excited about hearing the students from Year 7 perform this carol on Friday night at our Presentation Evening. Growing up it was probably my favourite carol because of the drums and it sounds a bit different to some of the other carols we are used to hearing.

Now when I reflect on this carol, it has a different point of significance for me. I think about how God has given us all different talents. The boy in the song sings, “I have no gift to bring that’s fit to give our king!” I think we would all feel like this if we were in the presence of the Lord. However, the boy decides to play for the baby Jesus. “Shall I play for you?” the song continues.

I am encouraged by this part of the song. I know that it pleases the Lord when we use our God-given talents. I’m sure it pleases Him even more when we use our God-given talents to praise and worship Him.

This song now reminds me to reflect. What are my talents? Am I developing my talents? How am I using my God-given talents to praise and worship God?

I am sure our teaching staff have been reflecting on the many talents of the students we teach in our school as they have been writing their reports. It is a real joy for us to watch students develop and grow these talents during the year.

This Christmas, I wish to encourage our students to find a way to give thanks to God. I know our students can express this in many ways and we have witnessed their many talents throughout the year.

God bless!

Michael Bond


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