Excellence in

Horticulture Students Making a Difference

It has been a pleasure to observe students in Years 9 – 10 who have been studying the Horticulture elective class. This elective course has provided students with some hands-on experience including the recent development of some vegetable garden beds and vertical gardens made from re-used materials.

The students in this class have also kindly assisted with some additional work improving the staff parking area garden beds and preparing additional tanks to be converted into garden beds. I have been impressed with what they have achieved during a short period of time and their positive approach to a range of tasks. I wish to congratulate these students for their efforts: Alex Brown, Braley Brown, Lachlan Gill, Rebekah Frost, Peter Harrison, Elizabeth Kopec, Lachlan McIntosh, Truman Shipp, Luke Slatter and Brylie Xuereb.

I wish to acknowledge the efforts of Miss Carolyn Anderson, who has challenged and engaged the students in the Horticulture elective course. We also wish to thank Mr Craig Slatter for providing an additional used water tank, which has been converted into two additional garden beds. Thank you to Mr Paul Gill for transporting the tank and Mr Tim Nitschke for cutting the tank in half. We are grateful for the support of our parents in our school community.

This elective course has provided students with an opportunity to study a variety of horticultural operations and the range of factors that influence these operations. The Horticulture course has challenged students to consider climate, plant nutrition, growth and reproduction and their impact on the horticultural business.

During the past two years the College has offered an elective course in this area as a result of a number of students expressing an interest in the areas of horticulture and agricultural science. The College is also blessed to have staff with skills and experience teaching in these areas.

The Secondary School elective program at Kerang Christian College has been structured so that all students have a myriad of opportunities to experience success. The College has successfully implemented an innovative curriculum and elective program, which offers students a wide range of elective courses during their Secondary School studies. Many of the elective subjects offered provide students with additional background knowledge and skills to assist them with future VCE subject choices. Furthermore, the elective program has provided an opportunity to further engage students in their learning in areas of student interest during their Secondary experience.


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