Excellence in

Developing Digital Skills

The Leadership Team and College Board are well aware of the significance of technology in education and the importance of providing students with adequate access to technology and developing their skills in the effective use of technology in preparation for developing graduates ready to compete in a global marketplace.

In 2015, the College has launched a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for Secondary School students. This initiative provides an opportunity for students to bring a device to support their learning where parents identify that this will be of value to their child.

The College has constructed and opened a Video Conference Classroom in 2015. This classroom is already providing opportunities for students to access VCE courses provided by other Christian Colleges in Victoria. The Video Conference Classroom is an example of how the College using technology to break down barriers for learning for students in a rural setting like Kerang.

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) have published the Digital Technologies curriculum, which is awaiting final endorsement. Teaching staff at Kerang Christian College are working towards implementing this curriculum during 2015. The new curriculum provides an opportunity to further enhance the ICT capabilities of students across the Primary and Secondary School at the College.

Kerang Christian College is committed to adding value to learning and aims to develop a culture where students aim for excellence in their learning. The key principle we seek in the use of technology is to see learning enhanced through technology, rather than technology being a distraction or interruption to the learning.

An article recently published in The Australian highlighted the significance of developing the ICT capabilities of the current generation of students. “Our ability to develop computational thinking and core ICT capabilities in our next generation will not only equip them to leverage and create innovative technologies but will be critical to their ability to compete and thrive in the global knowledge economy.”

The teaching staff at the College aim to use technology to engage students in the learning, while developing a range of skills in preparation of the global knowledge economy. We are planning to develop students’ skills in collaboration, critical thinking and creativity in preparation for becoming competitive graduates in the global marketplace.

Michael Bond

Aynsley, B. (2014, April 14). 
Equipping kids with digital skills key to future success. The Australian, p. 28. Retrieved from www.theaustralian.com.au


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