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This year the College has expanded to Year 11 and has introduced VCE studies for the first time in our College history. We look forward to the opportunity to offer Year 12 studies to our students in 2016. We hope that the connection with our students by no means ends when a student graduates from school and we look forward to seeing our school community continue to grow and strengthen over time.

During February, we had the pleasure to welcome back Daniel Michaels, who completed his Prep – Year 6 studies at Kerang Christian College. When Daniel graduated from Year 6 in 2008 there was no option to continue in Secondary School at our school. Daniel completed his Year 12 studies with great success at the end of 2014 and has been awarded a number of scholarships to assist him in commencing studies at the University of Melbourne in 2015.

Daniel shared much about his Primary and Secondary School experiences with our Primary School students at Chapel on Friday, 13th February. He recalled many memories of learning in a range of subjects at Kerang Christian College. He spoke about his interest in Mathematics throughout his schooling and his fond memories of playing soccer and other games at recess and lunch on the school oval. Daniel also highlighted that your time in school goes quickly and the importance of working hard and trying your best each day. He reminded our students that it is essential to complete your homework each night.

Daniel graduated high school with an ATAR of 97.20 and will commence studying a Bachelor of Biomedicine this year. We wish Daniel all the best with his studies and look forward to keeping in touch. I hope that more of our students will have the opportunity to meet him on his next visit home.

Michael Bond


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