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Celebrating 30 Years

In 2013, Kerang Christian College celebrates 30 years of providing Christian Schooling to hundreds to families from around this region. We are thankful to God for building our thriving school community.

Born out of the vision of a team of Christians during the early 1980s, Kerang Christian College commenced as Kerang Christian Community School in simple buildings at the Kerang Baptist Church grounds. Kerang Christian Community School was established in 1983 as part of the ministry of the Kerang Baptist Church.

At the beginning of 1983, a small group of thirty-six Primary School students and two teachers gathered in the playground, about the size of a residential back yard, to witness the fulfillment of a vision – the opening of a Christian School to serve the community of Kerang and the district.

This Vision of the inaugural school Board has had a significant impact of what the school looks and feels like today.

In 1995, the school was relocated to 98 Wyndham Street. The new building provided a modern open plan classroom layout that fostered a community atmosphere within the school. This building remains the home of the Primary School students at the College today.

In 2010, the school opened two additional classrooms in the Primary School building and completed construction of the Library Complex with the assistance of BER funding. The new facilities provided new classrooms including Food Technology, the College Library and General Purpose Classrooms.

By 2010, the school Board and the school community were committed expanding Kerang Christian Community School into a Secondary School with a vision of growing to a Prep – Year 12 school. The name of the school was changed to Kerang Christian College.

In 2011, we marked the expansion of Kerang Christian College into Secondary education. 12 students started 2011 as pioneers of our Secondary School.

In 2012 and 2013 the school has continued to expand one year level each year.

This year has been another significant year in the history of our school. The College has completed construction of a Visual Arts Wing and a Year 9 Learning Centre with the assistance of VIS BGA funding. The facilities incorporate a new computer lab, a Primary and Secondary School Art Room, Textiles facilities, storage and staff offices. Our school now incorporates a Prep to Year 6 Primary School and a Year 7 to 9 Middle School.

Today, Kerang Christian College is a Prep – Year 9 school, with over 100 students and 20 staff and is led by a highly capable Board of Directors. All our dedicated staff strive to provide excellence in Christian education from a Christian biblical worldview.

The College has been blessed with modern facilities that meets the needs of 21st century learners and provides for rich curricular opportunities and a wonderful environment for students and staff.  Technology is integrated in the curriculum, together with learning and teaching methods that are informed by the most recent research.

Christian perspectives and values form the basis of all activities and students are encouraged towards personal Christian faith and character.  Students are taught in a caring environment that recognises their uniqueness, with individual gifts and talents that are to be encouraged for the good of the community. Kerang Christian College is a member of Christian Schools Australia, a National body with member schools in all states.

Kerang Christian College is committed to furthering the development of the facilities and improving learning and educational opportunities for all students.

Next year we look forward to transitioning into Senior School with the College offering Year 10 studies. Once again, I wish to acknowledge our current group of Year 9 students who are the pioneers of our Secondary School. I wish to encourage them and ask God to continue to bless them as they transition into Senior School next year.

Kerang Christian College has had a richly blessed history, but it is not over. I invite everyone in our school community to help us write the next chapter of our school history for the glory of God.

Michael Bond


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